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Wonda is a feminist collective based in Amsterdam. Our focus is on building a community in which we tackle issues that concern women, non-binary folks and other marginalized gender identities. As such we are pro-union, supportive of sex workers, inclusive to trans (wo)men and anyone who does not confirm to the gender binary. We speak out against any form of oppression that relates to the patriarchy. This includes, but is not limited to, sexism, racism, islamophobia, transphobia, homofobia, classism and ableism. 


We do this by organizing events (offline and online) and setting up political actions.
      The events we organize range from workshops, lectures, webinars to spaces we call “intersectional talks” in which we focus on one particular experience such as femme identity and poverty. The purpose of the Intersectional Talks is to have an intimate, informal discussion on the given topic. Honorary guests are invited based on their lived experience and knowledge of the topic, and serve to further enrich the discussion

Whereas the events are more focused on informing, educating and sharing experiences within our community: the political acts are centered around mobilizing our community. By being united within a community, we stand stronger and will be much better capable of putting pressure on issues that might concern all, or just a few within our community. 


Our collective is completely run on a volunteer basis; and we want to keep it this way. We believe that activism should not be a paid job for those often theoretically educated. It should be an act that everybody can partake in next to their full life, which often includes labour, education and/or care responsibilities. As such there are different ways for members to be involved within our collective, so we can share the labour and responsibilities together. Interested? 


Workshop Community Intervention #2/ registration is closed

Learn how to respond to sexual violence without involving the police or the state. By learning different tools this workshop will help you reduce and/or stop interpersonal violence and where possible help the person doing harm as well as communities take accountability. 

*The workshop will take place in English

When? 11th of September 
What time? 12:00 -17:00 
Where? Bar Bario 
Bilderdijkstraat 186
1053 LD Amsterdam, Netherlands

See you at the 11th

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