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We believe that community building is a tool in our fight against the patriarchy. Why? Inspired by the feminist writer bell hooks (Teaching Community: A Pedagogy of Hope) the building of community can help us in redefining ourselves and our relationships to each other. Because within patriarchy we are taught to fear one another as well as our differences and to believe that we are 'valueless and obtain value only by relating to or bonding with men'.
As a member or an ally you'll be part of a community that actively speaks out against any form of oppression that relates to the patriarchy. This includes, but is not limited to, sexism, racism, islamophobia, transphobia, homophobia and ableism. We do this by organizing events and setting up political manifestations. As a member or an ally you can also log in on our website and have access to your own specific profile. For members this is also the place from which they can have input in our organization. 

However, to do so we need funds and instead of becoming dependent from third parties that hand out subsidies -and through this process have influence on our agenda. It is our ambition to become community funded. So it is our community that will decide our agenda: as we will be completely depending on and accountable to our community for our existence.
To make sure our memberships are still accessible for all incomes, there are different memberships (and allyships) that include a different monthly donation. This is the only difference between the memberships. The difference between the memberships and allyships is that the allyships are set up as a way to be in solidarity with those who experience(d) oppression as women and non-binary folx.  This means that with the allyships you will be giving a monthly donation and have access to your specific profile on our website, but you will not have input nor have the option to play an active role within Wonda Women.    
It is up to you to choose which one falls within your budget, but if you believe in our work and our community we do hope that you leave the free membership to those who do not have the option to chose and help us staying independent by providing us with the funds to continue. 

Important: if you want to give monthly donations but only by iDeal, choose the free membership and give monthly donations via this page.