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Help us with an inclusive alternative for fast fashion! 

Dear Vintage Stores, Second-Hand Clothing Stores and Thrift and Giveaway Stores,


Thank you!


In our fight against fast fashion, you are our fantastic alternative by ensuring that we can wear worn clothes again. You provide a fun and ecological alternative to mass-produced clothing! 


Thanks to you, more and more people with a range of budgets can buy beautiful second-hand clothes. As a result, the market for fast fashion chains is shrinking and we can still wear beautiful clothes that reflect our identity.


Because, as every vintage-store employee knows, there are plenty of clothes!


However, we still have a problem: there is not enough range of sizing (large and small sizes) for everyone to have a worry-free shopping experience. We want to make it easier for everyone to better choices for human rights and the environment, but unfortunately not everyone can do that yet: which is why, with this letter, we call on all vintage and second hand shops in the Netherlands to invest more in different clothing sizes.


"Sustainable plus-size clothing is almost always shapeless, unmodern, linen basic shit. And vintage/second-hand is ALWAYS TOO SMALL ‼️I just don't understand that this doesn't exist. We need sustainable plus-size, modern, cool, beautiful clothing but I can who can't find it anywhere and I need need need clothes atm. Who can help me because I'm running into big problems!"


According to  Fatima Warsame (journaliste)


We would like to invite you to actively speak out and commit yourself to this by:


  • Signing this manifesto

  • Committing to having a larger range of clothing sizes to hang in your stores before the end of 2021

  • Ask other stores to sign this manifesto

  • Find a budget to convert vintage clothing into larger and smaller sizes 

  • Commit to innovation and find new creative ways to make used clothing more inclusive.

  • Representing a range of different people in the marketing of your store


With best regards,

The Wonda Collective

Sign the letter!

Thanks for submitting!

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